Creation, the beginning of it all

We do not treat the Word of God like any other word we hear by man. But respect and love the Word from Him. We are starting our journey on Creation, where everything all began! Starting in Genesis 1, we will understand why God made us and what our purpose is here on earth!



We are making a good Foundation

I do hope that you have a Bible with you, let’s take a peek into Genesis 1!

Today we will be contractors, we are assigned to build a good foundation. This foundation is the platform for all of the Bible! So, understanding Genesis will forever be important!

The next important thing is, if you can’t believe in the God of Genesis, you can’t understand who God is. The very first example of Him is CREATION and the rest is Obedience to Him and His Word.

If God were to ever lie to us in the book of Genesis, what He has done, what He set into motion, What He created. If that’s not true, then the whole gospel and the Bible is worthless.

God makes Himself so very clear! 1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

And that is what we strive to be! An amazing contractor, helping others lay down a good strong foundation to build upon!